Giving life to the social media press release

Last May, Boston-based social media PR advocate Todd Defren published a social media press release template as a means to encourage and stimulate discussion on effective ways to evolve the traditional press release into a communication channel better suited to today’s online world of rich content, conversations and linking.

That led to the formation in June of the Social Media Club, whose mission is to share best practices, establish ethics and standards, and promote media literacy around the emerging area of social media.

Now the first practical means of easily creating and distributing a social media press release is here in the form of PRX Builder.


Currently in beta, PRX Builder was created by programmer Shannon Whitley who has elegantly and deftly mashed up standard XML into what he describes as Portable Release XML (or PRX – hence the name) to create a Web 2.0 tool that breathes life into Todd’s original social media press release structure.

This has the potential to move the social media press release idea out of just talk and give it legs – let it walk that talk, so to speak. It just needs the active support of the PR community.

That’s where the Social Media Club can really play a key role in helping more PR people better understand the potential of social media and the evolution of the press release.

They’re making a great start with a half-day seminar on October 23 entitled From Social Media to Corporate Media. Sponsored by SAP, the event costs $150 and is limited to 50 participants. It takes place at SAP’s offices in Palo Alto, California, so if you’re in Silicon Valley, you know where to go.

With local groups of the Social Media Club forming in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, London, New York, Seattle, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Chicago, DC, Toronto, and Boston, the chances are that a similar event may be headed your way, wherever you are.

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