Hurrah! Broadband up!

Whew, up and running again in the permanently-online way I’ve become addicted accustomed to!

Yesterday, the NTL guys arrived at 1pm to install cable broadband and, by 2pm, all was done and ready to rock. Except it didn’t. Service active but mis-matched with my new NTL account which meant no net access.

So I became introduced to NTL’s (in)famous customer service and support system which involved a total of 35 minutes waiting (at 10p a minute call cost) and then speaking to three different support technicians.

The long and the short of it was that they told me it would take up to 24 hours to enable my account to be active even thought the connection was there and live. But a bit of prodding resulted in an escalation of my ‘unique issue’ (as one of the technicians put it) so that a human being at NTL could manually match up the account with the service.

That happened at around 10pm last night.

A bit of a glitch in beginning my relationship with NTL but the service is up and running so I’m happy at the moment. And the service is good and blisteringly fast.

Being largely disconnected over the past two weeks has been quite challenging. My sister Pam has been a real star by enabling me to use her network (also NTL) even if it meant shlepping over to her place almost every morning to do email, etc.

Speaking of email, some major catching up to do with 200+ emails in the inbox that I’ve not had time nor best means to deal with yet. Once I get my Outlook PST file moved from my traveling laptop to my desktop PC, I’ll be ready to sort all that out.

Next up – a trip to PC World to get a new wireless router as the two Belkins I have are ADSL only. That’s ok as I can get one of the latest routers on the market, perhaps the new Super G standard or even MIMO. Then flog the two ADSL ones on eBay.

So, much to do…

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