This past week has been one heck of a week on the work front. Total immersion in a PR project which has produced positive results on a global scale that exceeded even my most fanciful expectations. I don’t usually discuss client work in this blog, but maybe I’ll talk more about it at another time.

So how’s the online world been doing while my attention was elsewhere?

Well, to start with, I’ve missed some conversation developments here in the blog. I’ll try to catch up with everyone soon.

Among the work frenzy, I did manage to record last Thursday’s edition of the FIR podcast, show #168. Shel was away traveling so it was a solo effort including all the stuff Shel usually does with file uploading, RSS feeds, etc. The show went up pretty late, after midnight in fact.

My original plan was to present the show with guest co-presenter CC Chapman. CC does the Accident Hash music podcast and Managing The Gray, an excellent marketing podcast. We were lined up to go and then I couldn’t do it. But it was tremendous to include CC’s music recommendation. Great song (and intro), CC!

One of the discussion topics in FIR #168 was Second Life and the disturbing activities in the virtual world by the Second Life Liberation Army. I see that Chris Clarke has “officially had it” with the continuing FIR talk about SL, saying he thinks that the topic should have been addressed in a humorous manner. And Owen Lystrup has a comment on the podcast blog expressing some incredulity at our commentary.

I’ll be talking about Second Life again in this Monday’s show. Some listeners (D-Ring PR, for instance) have their own views about SL on which they want to hear commentary in FIR from the business and communication perspectives. Happy to oblige!

I started out this morning catching up with my RSS feeds. All I’ve really paid attention to in the RSS area this past week has been the various watchlists I’ve had running re the PR project I mentioned. Such an excellent tool to keep tabs on who’s saying what, in such an effortless way.

First up – a thoughtful commentary by Doc Searls about the Cluetrain Manifesto.