Business cards to make you ooh and aah

flickrcardsThis will surely catch on enormously, both for business and personal use – Flickr MiniCards.

A simple idea and very well executed by UK company MOO – you select photos from your Flickr photo collection and have them printed as highly-personal and visual mini presentation cards.

MOO’s ordering system is very easy and works a charm. Go to their site, let the site log you in to your Flickr account (works via the Flickr API), choose from your own photos (note they must already be tagged with a Creative Commons license), arrange/zoom/crop as you wish, add the text you want for the reverse side, and you’re done.

I’ve just ordered 100 cards for $19.99 which, according to the confirmation email, I should get in 10 days or less.

Until the end of September, MOO is offering free delivery worldwide. Not only that, if you have a Flickr Pro account (the paid one), you can get a 10-card pack for free.

I doubt MOO really needs a promotion to interest people in this cool social idea. The concept is really great and they have put together one of the best-behaving and easy-to-use websites I’ve seen anywhere.

(Via Tom Coates)

In a similar personalizing vein, I recently ordered free personalized luggage tags from KLM under a promotion they were running.

Through the website, I could either choose a photo from a concise album or select and upload any photo of my own. I did the latter and now have two personal tags that no one else has (I took the photos).

An equally cool idea in a homogenous age.

Neville Hobson

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  1. Hans on Experience

    MOO Flickr mini cards: persoonlijk, uniek en speciaal…

    Wow dat is mooi. Dit wordt een succes. Dat voorspel ik je. Collectors-items worden het. De minicards van Flickr. Of liever van MOO. Heel simpel kun je via hun website en je Flickr account de foto’s kiezen die je op een visitekaartje……

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