My Microtrack broke!

I love my Microtrack 24/96 portable digital audio recorder which I bought a few months ago, as my post in June not so subtly (nor concisely) illustrates.

It’s been the perfect recording device when on the move. I’ve made quite a few podcasts with this cool gadget, the last one being in Sweden last week. I used it to record some conversations at the Edinburgh conference on Wednesday which I hope to get posted here as podcasts by the weekend.

So imagine my dismay when I switched the Microtrack on yesterday morning, and got no screen display. The device works just fine, but with no display. The light blue backlight works but no text shows on the screen.

As it’s still under warranty, I contacted M-Audio support via their website. Completed the web form and sent it off. Received an automated email reply acknowledging the form.

Nothing more yet. I do hope I hear from them very soon indeed.

Back to the trusty iRiver IFP-790 in the meantime…

Neville Hobson

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  1. neville

    Some developments, Tom, since I wrote the post.

    Over the weekend, I had an email from M-Audio’s tech support manager in the UK suggesting who I should talk to. I did that yesterday and learned that I need to file a report with the retailer I bought the unit from. That’s Dolphin Music in the UK.

    So I did that: visited the website and filled in a ‘request for return’ form.

    Today I got an email from Dolphin with a return number so I need to ship the unit to the third-party company who does warranty work/repairs in the UK for M-Audio. Then they’ll do whatever they need to as per the warranty and either return it me repaired or provide a new device.

    So while this whole process seems a bit convoluted, I’m actually quite pleased with the service response so far. And while I’m not happy that the problem with the Microtrack happened at all, at least it did within the 90-day warranty period. Just – that warranty expires on the 24th, in four days time.

    Hopefully I will have a Microtrack 24/96 again soon. But I suspect it will be a few weeks.

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