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fredrik-hans-5sept06_350Two hours to kill as I sit here doing email and now blogging at Gate 8 in Arlanda airport, Stockholm, while I wait for my SAS flight back to Amsterdam.

Yesterday, I had the real pleasure of meeting Hans Kullin who writes the Media Culpa blog. I’ve been reading Hans’ blogs for years and we’ve been in touch via email, but never met. Finally we did over a few beers in downtown Stockholm last evening. Terrific!

Hans is in the picture at right. On the left is Fredrik Wacka. Fredrik and I have met quite a few times already and it was great to meet up with him again.

Hans told us about the results of a survey on attitudes/behaviours re the internet and social media in Sweden that he recently conducted and which attracted participation by 700 people. He’s already blogged in Swedish about the survey and hopes to get an English-language version up soon.

In all, its been a great three days in Stockholm and participating in the IBC Euroforum conference at which I spoke yesterday. Met some terrific people, learned quite a bit on what’s happening in Sweden from the social media for business point of view, and what’s not happening.

There is actually quite a lot going on here but not at the same pace as elsewhere, notably the US or France.

You can hear the words of one of Sweden’s leading proponents of social media for business in an FIR podcast interview I conducted yesterday with Pia de Gysser, CIO of Agria, an animal and pet insurance company. Pia has a great deal to say about blogs for business and what’s happening in Sweden.

I hope to get that interview posted tomorrow. Interview now posted.

Neville Hobson

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  1. Hans

    What’s up with Swedes and those big foreheads? Anyway, it was great that I was able to catch you guys and have a quick chat. I’m a big fan of FIR and I try to tune in as often as possible. Keep up the terrific work.

  2. neville

    Could be the beer, Hans. We’d had at least two when I took the photo :)

    Great to finally meet you yesterday. Enjoyed our get-together, with Fredrik too. Hope we do it again sometime. And thanks for listening to FIR!

  3. Tabita

    It must be those large brains we Swedes have :-)

    Thanks for reporting from Sweden Neville, it’s great to hear what the people back home are doing.

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