One of the great things about being part of a series of conferences that addresses social media and PR is the learning you see happening over time.

Delivering The New PR‘ in Edinburgh, Scotland, last Wednesday was a very good example of how awareness of social media is definitely on the rise in the UK amongst communicators.

It was a full house, as we’ve seen in each of the previous events in this conference series in Sunderland, Manchester and London. Communicators really do want to find out about blogs, podcasts and social networks and how to make sense of these social media in the context of their organizations’ or their clients’ business needs.

It’s not so much finding out what blogs, podcasts, etc, are – everyone broadly knows that now. That’s one of the big signs of progress compared to when we did the first conference in Sunderland last November.

What communicators really want to know is how to use these social tools. How to find out who’s talking about their brands or their clients and the effects on reputations. How to include them within their communication planning and use them as complementary communication channels and tools.