Communicators meeting in Second Life

For communicators who are looking to understand more about Second Life, here’s an opportunity – the first meeting of Second Life Business Communicators will take place in Second Life on Tuesday 22 August at 4pm PDT (that’s 11pm GMT):

Please join us next Tuesday for our meeting – you don’t have to have joined the group in-world – it is open to anyone who is interested in just checking the group out. If you are curious about SL as a platform, medium, interface or environment for communications and business come and discuss its potential and challenges. Learn with us.

The meeting is organized by Linda Zimmer who I had the pleasure of meeting in SL a few months ago.

I wish I could be there but I’ll be on a plane back to Amsterdam at that time. No inflight wi-fi on KLM (and none anywhere soon) so no chance of connecting to join in from 40,000 feet. Therefore, looking forward to reading Linda’s post-event transcript.

Related: The Second Life Community Convention took place in San Francisco this past weekend. Bigger than Gnomedex, says Eric Rice. Not many communicators there, though, especially not Text 100 which surprised Jeremy Pepper. Plenty of other opinions about this event.

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