WordPress rocks on

When you like a particular software application or business service, it’s good to see when others like the same things. Makes you think that you made a good choice when you see overwhelmingly good opinions about that application or service.

That’s the case with WordPress, the platform that powers this blog. Since version 2.0 was released last December, over one million copies have been downloaded. The current release version is 2.0.4; very much worth getting.

See the running downloads tally here. For a bit of humour, don’t use Internet Explorer to see that page, use Firefox (hint: you’ll get the joke if you know about VCRs).

If you’re wondering about WordPress and how to install it, CNET Reviews has a terrific video on installing a WordPress blog.

And hosted blog service WordPress.com just celebrated its first year in operation. Lots of new things that will interest users of this free service came out of WordCamp, the developers’ conference earlier this month.

Finally, if you like putting badges on your blog to indicate that you support something, keep an eye on the unofficial I love WordPress logo contest. Some great ideas from the user community.

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