New blog about web startups

If you have an interest in US web startups, the Startup Review blog looks pretty interesting:

Startup Review will be a blog that profiles successful Internet start-ups in a case study format. The case studies will be fairly detailed, analyzing the key factors that made the companies successful, with an emphasis on strategy and product decisions. Each case study will also have sections discussing launch strategy, exit analysis, and links to other good analysis on the company.

Written by Nisan Gabbay, an analyst at Silicon Valley venture capital firm Sierra Ventures, the first post is a concise case study on Craigslist including commentary based on an interview Nisan did with founder Craig Newmark.

As for what’s next:

[…] I plan to make only one post per week at Startup Review. That post will be a detailed case study on a successful Internet company. You get the benefit of my interviews and research about the company – about ten hours of work per company – for reading just one lengthy post per week!

That’s a good deal. Subscribed!

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