FB statsIf you use Feedburner for distribution of your RSS feed, it’s worth paying attention to the useful statistics about your feed such as how many people subscribe to it and which RSS reader they use.

Even if you only use FB’s free standard stats rather than the paid-for TotalStats Pro service, you’ll find some extremely useful information.

I just updated the list of subscription options to this blog and while at Feedburner, I reviewed my feed stats for the first time in a month.

The chart you see here shows the average number of subscribers over the past seven days and which RSS reader they use.

Some surprises there.

For instance, it does surprise me that nearly half (47%) of subscribers use Bloglines. The surprise is that this stat has been pretty constant ever since I first started using Feedburner in 2004. The market for web-based RSS reader services has grown dramatically over the past two years, with many other online reader options to choose from. Yet Bloglines still remains the favourite.

Number two in web-based subscription is NewsGator. The chart has clipped the numbers, which are 74 (14%). That’s a small increase since a month ago, which was also an increase.

Next surprise – the rapidly-increasing number of people who have susbcribed via the Live Bookmarks feature in Firefox since I last checked these stats at the end of May: 36 subscribers or 6% of the total.

A month ago, it was half that. Maybe this shouldn’t be a surprise, in fact. Maybe it indicates that more Firefox users are finding it simple to just add an RSS feed in their browser. This simplicity will spread out even more when Internet Explorer 7 is released in the autumn (or later) as IE7 also includes similar functionality.