Upgrade to WordPress 2.0.4

Version 2.0.4 of the WordPress blog platform was released yesterday. I’m planning to upgrade this blog to this latest version during the weekend.

Apologies in advance if, for a short time during your visit, you see odd things or some things not actually working. None of that should happen but as part of the upgrade process includes taking prudent steps like deactivating all plugins during the actual upgrade, you never know.

Hopefully it will all be as painless as the upgrade instructions suggest.

[Update @ 20:15] The upgrade went very smoothly indeed. No hiccups although if you visited here during the 30-minute upgrade installation (deleting files from the server and uploading the new ones), you would undoubtedly have seen some weird things on your screen. As you would also after the install and during the 10-minute re-activation of all the plugins.

So a painless process. Hats off to the community for the excellent installation guide which I followed to the letter.

One note re that guide. If you have WP version 2.0.2 as I did, you won’t find any specific info on upgrading from that version to 2.0.4. What I did was treat my installation as if it were version 2.0 and then did a full installation as per the guide’s detailed instructions.

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