A good Dell experience

I like Dell. I really do. Since I bought my Dimension XPS Gen5 desktop PC a year ago, I have no complaints at all. It’s a great computer.

Over the past twelve months, I’ve called Dell support for some help with a few things. No problems -I’ve not had anything negative with Dell, unlike quite a few other people. So my experience overall is good, and I’d recommend Dell without hestitation.

In fact, I did just that yesterday in helping my sister in the UK buy a new laptop. I recommended Dell, so that’s what she bought.

I’m also impressed with how Dell are dealing with a recent order of my own that illustrates pretty good business practice.

Last week, I ordered a memory upgrade for my XPS. An extra gig of RAM to take the total to two gigs. A very easy ordering process – a quick phone call, chat to the sales guy, get an email offer, accept and return it, and you’re done. I could have done it online, too. Delivery should be within two business days.

Memory must be in big demand, though, as I’ve had two emails since last week advising me of delays in delivery. The latest this morning says to now expect delivery on about August 4. I can also track the progress of my order online.

While I’m disappointed about the delay, I can deal with it as long as I know what’s going on.

What especially impresses me, though, is that they have not yet charged me for the cost of my order. No hit yet to the credit card. That may sound a simple thing. Yet it’s the simple things by which you often judge an experience with a company you’re buying something from.

It’s still far too common for a company to take your money long before you get what you’ve purchased. I’m pleased Dell isn’t one of those.

Isn’t this how every business should behave?

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