Neville Hobson

Podcasting as complementary communication

Global swimwear brand Speedo has released the second podcast in the Speedo Make Waves series, featuring an interview with Amanda Beard, Olympic champion and FHM cover girl.

Speedo’s press release about the second podcast includes a quote from me on the potential of podcasting as a complementary element in their overall marketing communication and PR:

Speedo Make Waves is the beginning of a series of complementary communication initiatives with social media, enabling Speedo to reach out in a new way to young consumers and swim fans via an alternative and engaging medium. The inaugural podcast with Michael Phelps provided people with access to one of the world’s top athletes, giving them some insight into his extraordinary life. It produced positive responses from many in the swimming community. There is certainly a great opportunity for Speedo to build community through its social media initiatives. This second interview with Amanda Beard showing a different side to the life of an Olympic hero is a clear indicator of its potential.

It’s not often you have a PR guy being a main quotee in a client’s press release (and no, I didn’t write the press release).

While it might look a bit of a bland statement out of its context, it does support the overall messages that are valid for Speedo and many other organizations – reaching out to consumers in a new and interesting way that’s likely to appeal to them, and creating a foundation for building community.

(Disclosure: I produced the inaugural Speedo Make Waves podcast for Speedo.)

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