The most blogged war

Across the front line between Lebanon and Israel, a Reuters report says, bloggers hiding in bomb shelters and watching from rooftops are trading terrifying experiences, bitter barbs and words of sympathy:

The postings on Web logs, online journals, are a rare forum for communication between two countries that had no open border even before the latest war, no flight connections and working phone lines only in the direction from Israel to Lebanon.

In what looks like a war in all but name, ordinary people are using blogs to communicate with each other where the politicians or terrorists (take your pick of label depending on your point of view) are using rockets and tanks to silence voices.

In The most blogged war?, a post written by On The Face blogger Lisa Goldman – an American Jew a Canadian-born Israeli in Israel – there are comments from Jew and Arab alike. Talk about bridging a divide.

I was particuarly struck by this comment by Lisa in response to one of the commenters, a Lebanese:

[…] Please do not compare numbers of Lebanese killed versus numbers of Israelis killed. The list is long on both sides. Much too long. And one is too many! Would you feel better if more Israelis had died. Or just as many? So when you weep, weep for all of us – Lebanese and Israelis, the citizens of the only two democracies in the Middle East, as we watch our dream of peace destroyed by insane religious fanatics.

Remember that comment as you watch the mounting body count on the TV news. And look at other comments in that post and others of Lisa’s. Every different opinion you can imagine.

I’ve grabbed Lisa’s post title as my headline. Without the question mark.

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