New ecto for Windows released

Following beta testing over the past few months, version 2.1 of blog manager and editor ecto for Windows was released earlier this week.

However, 2.1 contains a major bug – a misbehaving ‘insert hyperlink’ function – which has been swiftly fixed in version 2.1.1 released on Wednesday. If you’ve upgraded to or recently purchased ecto for Windows, this is definitely an essential free upgrade. The easiest way to get it is to set the option in your ecto configuration to check for an updated version every time you run the program. If it finds one, it will download and install it.

Some other issues affecting some users have come to light, though, judging from recent posts in the support forum, so you can expect a new 2.1.x release soon. Another good reason to have that check for update option set.

I’ve been using ecto since 2004 and, in spite of such niggly issues, I still think it’s the best blogging tool for Windows currently out there. Developer Alex Hung will soon go into development mode for the next major version – now’s the time to let Alex know your suggestions for things you’d like to see in that next version before he freezes the feature list.

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