Terms of use and commitments

I’ve resisted doing this ever since since I started blogging in 2002, but today I posted a terms of use document to this site.

One thing that’s prompted me to do this is the issue I had recently regarding unauthorized use of my content (successfully resolved) plus increasingly receiving trackbacks from some people who have absolutely no clear reason to trackback other than to gain some linkage. I’ve also been observing some of the reactions to Dell’s new blog by some of the, let’s say, more hysterical inhabitants of the blogosphere.

My terms of use set out in plain language what I expect visitors here to note and observe regarding their use of and participation in the site. The usual things are in there – about commenting, for instance, and others’ use of my content.

But terms of use don’t just apply to visitors – they are equally applicable to the author/owner of a blog. Me in this case. So I’ve also included a 10-point commitment statement that explains what I will do in this blog to also live up to the terms of use.

It’s version 1.0 and if you have any comments about it, I’d very much welcome your opinions. Thanks.