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If you use WordPress, here are two useful resources that will help you get to know the blog platform better.

The first is The WordPress Podcast, a new podcast launched last week by Charles StricklinTricklin. The first episode is under five minutes and features easy-to-listen-to and understand commentary about WordPress, a couple of plugins and the WordPress theme competition.

A great learning resource whatever your skill/experience level is with WordPress. I’ve subscribed.

One immediate benefit I’ve gained from this podcast is finding out about Diagnosis, a very neat plugin by Niklas Lindblad that presents detailed information about your server, the operating system, your database, and more.

This screenshot (click for full-size version) will give you an idea of what information the plugin lets you see. All of it is pretty technical, but what I like about it is that it’s presented in a way that almost any non-techie blogger would be able to understand what it’s saying.

While true geeks will probably like this just because of the tech content, I like it for a very simple reason.

Some of the WordPress plugins I encounter have pretty strict requirements in terms of what’s running on your server. Specific version of Apache, for instance. Or needing to know about the PHP extensions that are running.

Usually a royal pain to figure such stuff out by yourself.

But no more worries about such things as well as others like MySQL server IP address or server port, the WordPress database user or name, your document root, current time (in ISO 8601 format as well as RFC 2822), or MySQL Storage engine – Diagnosis will take care of finding and presenting all that for you, making it all dead simple.

I love this WordPress community!

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