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Here’s the primary reason why I subscribe to GM’s FYI Blog:


Last month, the blog started posting photos of (mostly) classic cars under the title “Photo of the Day,” sourced from photos taken by the owners of such cars which they originally posted on Flickr. (FYI, such posts need a category of their own on the blog.) Great example of consumer-generated content.

The car shown here is a 1955 Buick. It’s a beaut, isn’t it? While I’m not really into cars (I’d rather have one of these than one of these, for instance), there’s something about classic American cars that European cars from the same era just can’t match. Maybe it’s a size thing. Or all that automatic-ness and air conditioning. The whitewall tyres.

Perhaps it’s the setting. This car is photographed on Ocean Drive in South Beach, Florida, a place my wife and I know pretty well. From the photo, you can feel that warm breeze and taste those Matusalem piña coladas.

Whatever it is, I like it! What feelings does the photo conjure up for you?

Neville Hobson

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  1. Geoffrey Shootman

    Having worked on Classic cars for the last 25 years I still love the american chrome and fins. I’m the fabrication shop supervisor at a high end restoration shop in So Cal, San Diego and really love all pre and post war classics.
    You gotta love the 30’s french classics,Bugatti,Delahaye and Delage for thier simple elegance and beauty!
    Here are some great photos of a restoration from the inside out Menerva and a T57 Bugatti check out and for tips about the buying process look to

    Thanks for letting me comment,
    Geoffrey Shootman

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