Give Dell a chance

So Dell’s getting a bit of a thrashing in the blogosphere following the launch last week of one2one, their first public blog.

Strong criticisms (some of which are quite understandable) mixed with suggestions on how Dell ought to be approaching the world with the blog.

In last Monday’s edition of the FIR podcast, Shel and I briefly discussed one2one (our discussion starts at 6:40 into the show). What we said then still holds true for me in spite of all the chatter in the past few days – give them a break as they get going with this.

They are listening to what people are saying so far.

Every organization starting out in public with social media is on a learning curve, just like the rest of us were (and still are, in reality). Dell makes it quite clear what they’d like to do with this blog. So I say – give them a chance.

But don’t drop this ball, Dell. You probably won’t get a second chance.

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