PubSub still in business

Is the PubSub search engine business still in business or not?

In a post on his blog yesterday, Dave Winer said:

[…] I’m sitting next to John Furrier at Gnomedex and he says he heard from Bob Wyman last night [June 29] that PubSub has shut down and their engineers have found jobs at other companies.

The PubSub site is still up and running as I write this, looking as normal as it did the last time I visited a few weeks ago. No announcements there.

Mind you, something’s up – note PubSub CEO Bob Wyman’s advice in his blog on June 15:

Please be aware that in the very near future, it will be necessary to access this blog as:

(Via Trevor Cook)

[Edit @ 7pm CET] Josh Hallett is at Gnomedex and says:

Perhaps one indicator, here at Gnomedex Bob Wyman has scratched out from his name badge and has written in

So the end does look nigh. Wyman’s at least.

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  1. neville

    More speculatory comment about PubSub now showing up on Technorati. Most are quoting Dave Winer’s comments, eg, this post today from Duncan Riley.

    (How come the Aussies seem to comment more on this? I heard about it first from Trevor Cook.)

    The site is still up, although that may not be indicative of anything.

    Interesting to note that none of the PubSub Community Lists has been updated since June 20: over 10 days ago.

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