I wrote the other day about my great experience with Dell. I mentioned how impressed I was with their service re my recent order for a memory upgrade.

As I mentioned in that post, delivery of the order was delayed with the revised delivery date of August 4. So my expectation was set based on Dell’s timely communication with me on the progress of my order.

So when the doorbell rang late yesterday afternoon, I was surprised to see the DHL guy with a package from Dell containing my order – two Kingston 512-meg memory modules.

Great nevertheless! Now I can pump up my PC’s memory to 2 gigs sooner than my revised expectation.

Upgrading memory in a Dell Dimension XPS Gen5 desktop computer is a straightforward procedure. Extremely well and clearly explained in the owner’s manual. I’ve done this kind of thing on desktop and laptop computers many times before so it presents no issues or concerns, especially when you purchase the memory upgrade directly from the manufacturer of your PC.

So last night I installed the upgrade.

Actually, not quite.