Shaking the trees at Microsoft

Much talk in the past 24 hours over another key employee leaving Microsoft and going to Google.

While most focus is on that, I found this commentary on Mini-Microsoft of more interest, discussing the broader effects in the Microsoft organization with its focus on restructuring and the impacts on employees:

[…] If my group was going through the same thing and I was the one delivering the news (versus the no doubt longed for irony of receiving the news), could I do so with solid eye contact? Yes. It gives me no pleasure. But this company needs to size down and sad stories will be plentiful with that. I hope the parting terms are reasonable and, if they are skilled enough to get hired by Microsoft and were a good hire, they find an excellent career elsewhere. It sounds like some of the trees are being shaken hard.

Shit happens, as the saying goes. I know from my own recent experience.

Best way to look at it: time for a personal re-boot.

And maybe Hugh MacLeod is right, too.

Neville Hobson

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