Close encounters in Second Life

I had a blast last night meeting up with some FIR listeners in Second Life.

I’d mentioned in Monday’s show that I would be hanging out at the FIR store at 4pm GMT yesterday. So I did and bumped into Karine Apogee who, in the real world, is in Ottawa, Canada. We had quite a chat, talking about how Shel and I do the show each time, ie, how much time does it all take. We chatted, too, about how to do certain things in Second Life. Two newbies chatting!

Then Sab Bellambi showed up. Sab’s in southern Germany. Casual conversation. Sab wants to buy a hocky shirt which I’m sure he’ll find in one of the stores here.

I left Sab meditating on one of the FIR store ‘chairs’ (a generous description) while I popped into the podcasters’ bar next door for a nice cold Amstel beer.

I came back later, at about 10pm CET, and met up with Nixande Teazle. She’s in northern Germany. Now this was a great encounter as we teleported over to where Nixande and Thomas Genosse (also in northern Germany) have bought some land and are constructing a podcasting place.

I learned quite a bit from these two on how to do certain things in Second Life. Thanks, guys, very helpful.

Oh, this is fun!

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  1. neville

    One thing I’ve noticed in SL is that if you want to add people to your friends list, you have to be in physical proximity with them in SL so you can exchange the invitation/acceptance.

    So I’ve got quite a few names to add but I haven’t yet met up with them in SL. Frustrating but I can understand why it’s set up that way.

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