Audi, pay attention to this SUV love affair

Many of you will remember the blow-up last year about the Land Rover Discovery and long-time and loyal Land Rover customer Adrian Melrose who chronicled an incredible tale of his appalling experiences regarding his SUV on the Discover the Truth About the New Discovery blog.

Things have been quiet for quite a while, but Adrian has posted an update in which he says time is getting close for delivery of his replacement – the Audi Q7.

Passing time and excitement about the Audi doesn’t seem to have dampened Adrian’s anger/disgust with Land Rover, though:

[…] So ended my relationship with that wonderful brand that was at least 15 years old. Anyway, I was well rid of the people at Land Rover and the vehicle.

I still receive a couple of emails a week from people in a similar position asking for help. The site still attracts 300 viewers a week and I have a number of emails from people thanking me from saving them from the perils of Land Rover Discovery 3 ownership: they have opted for the competitors products. In fact, I have used this website’s clout to replace a Disco 3 in New York – so it looks like the quality is a US problem too – wake up FORD!

To adapt a well-known saying, “Hell hath no fury like a customer scorned.”

Adrian’s started a Q7 blog where he will talk about his love affair with Audi. Here’s a sampler of what he’ll likely talk about if his expectations are met:

[…] My Audi A6 experience has been so fantastic that I am a loyal fan of Audi now. I hope the Q7 won’t disappoint: it has a lot to live up to but it will be a hell of a competition to disappoint like the Discovery 3 did.

Maybe Audi will be a lot smarter than Land Rover in paying attention to the blogosphere.

Neville Hobson

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  1. Aurel

    He has seen it, please go on his blog and see his different comments on it (and other people’s too).
    I wonder sometimes if he absolutely wants to listen only the explanantions coming from Audi UK (not always so precise – I would use other words instead, by I try to stay cool).
    I’m really bitter to see he didn’t post any new articles on his new blog abut this incident or about his audi q7, and that his last article on this item is still the one containing Audi UK’s incredible allegations (actually simply lies as there has been NO INDEPENDENT EXPERT that made such allegations) about our accident. This article has only received some nuances exclusively by means of some comments “hidden” behind the articles.
    The technical experts having done the technical inspection (including the expert from Audi Belgium) seemed to agree with the fact that the concerned part that broke was the initial cause of the accident.
    Now we all wait to see the conclusions from the University of Ghent – but I already have my own conclusions, as indicated on my blog.
    I simply hope for Adrian that he let Audi do a microsound analysis of these parts on his new car – if he’s already received it, in order to be sure it doesn’t have the same problems as the one our Q7 had.



    P.S. It seems that Audi just launched a recall for their Audi A8, for problems related to bad functionning airbags that didn’t trigger when they had to, in case of some accidents (see this, search for the article Wouter posted about our accident and the different comments on it – one of the comments says this).

  2. neville

    Thanks for that additional info, Aurel. I should have looked at Adrian’s blog before asking “I wonder if Adrian knows about this.” Of course he would!

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