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Just been listening to comedian Eddie Izzard’s European podcast, an account of his two-day visit to Brussels last week in the company of Prime Minister Tony Blair for a meeting of the European Council.

Izzard’s concluding remark is that he hopes the podcast has been “vaguely illuminating.” Well, I did learn the difference between the European Council and the Council of Europe which he helpfully explained, so thanks for that.

But, Eddie, I have to ask: What was the point of this 20-minute podcast?

If it’s intended to give some insight into Tony Blair’s thinking on one issue or another, or get some opinion from him on some European matter, there was nothing of that in here. Except a comment or two about the World Cup.

You did have a nice little chat with the Dutch Prime Minister, which I suppose might fit into the “content you won’t find anywhere else” category.

Perhaps it was all a comedy to do with you and “sharing [your] observations in a fascinating podcast recorded exclusively for the Downing Street website.”

Sorry, but “fascinating” isn’t the word that springs to mind. “Vaguely odd” is how I might describe it all.

(Via Stuart Bruce)

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