Get what you want with RSS

Steve Rubel delivers the goods with an excellent round-up of 35 ways you can use RSS today.

I’ve learned from Steve’s list. Track new software releases, for instance. Hadn’t thought about that one. And key phrases and themes showing up in blog entries. Even more tips from some of the commenters to Steve’s post.

Terrific examples of how to think about RSS – a tool that enables you to get news and information about things that interest you, automatically and with very little effort.

Neville Hobson

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  1. neville

    That’s an interesting counter-perspective on RSS, Stephen. Of course, I wholly disagree with the views expressed there that email is better for such things.

    But I don’t really see this as some kind of which-is-better contest. Some people do prefer email. Many people do because they don’t understand RSS.

    And there, I do agree with Brian at Performancing – if everyone understood the benefits of RSS, you’d undoubtedly see greater take up. So stopping taslking about ‘RSS feeds’ might be a good start.

    Hence the last para of my post – how to think about what RSS means.

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