Meeting and podcasting in Brussels

I had a great day in Brussels yesterday at the IAOC European conference “Where Content and Technology Meet,” during which Shel and I delivered the keynote presentation “Communicating on the Read/Write Web.”

We repeated the delivery method we used for the similar IAOC conference in March where Shel was physically there and I was connected via Skype, reversing those roles for the Brussels event. Very early in the morning for Shel but with a couple of cups of coffee under his belt, he managed pretty well!

The whole presentation was recorded and we’ve made that available as a podcast in our FIR Speakers & Speeches series. You can also download the PowerPoint presentation so you can follow along as you listen.

It was good to meet Don Dunnington, IAOC president, again as well as seeing Philippe Borremans, Guillaume du Gardier, Philip Young and David Camacho.

Guillaume and I took advantage of being there to record a quick podcast. In our 12-minute conversation, we discussed the development of FIR and the pros and cons of podcasting in organizations. Guillaume has posted the podcast (and he took the photo you see here).

After the event, Philip and I spent an hour or so enjoying the summer sunshine at a pavement cafe in La Grand-Place downtown where we talked about the development of the successful University of Sunderland conferences (next one: Edinburgh in September) and less weighty matter such as the World Cup match between Argentina and Serbia showing on the cafe’s TV (a real thrashing: Argentina beat Serbia 6-0).

Neville Hobson

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    Neville and Shel doing a co-presentation over…..the internet…

    This is great! Neville Hobson and Shel Holtz did a copresentation at the IAOC European conference Where Content and Technology Meetabout Communicating on the Read/Write Web. Why is this so interesting? Because Shel is actually on the other side of the …

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