Heading to New York City

My visit to Vancouver draws to a close as I head for New York tomorrow to participate in the Corante Innovative Marketing Conference on the 8th and 9th.

And, by the way, ‘tomorrow’ is Wednesday. This post will show the time as CET on Wednesday morning. I’m writing it in Vancouver which is 9 hours behind. So it’s late Tuesday evening at the moment…

I’ve had a tremendous time here in Vancouver at the IABC international conference. My workshop on Sunday seems to have resonated with lots of people, judging by the comments I’ve been hearing. And while I’ve not been able to be part of many sessions at the conference, I have met some really great people. Further thoughts about the conference and people next week once I’m back in Amsterdam.

Not blogged here much this past week, focusing more on talking to people and a little posting at In Session, the IABC conference blog. Continued light blogging here until next week.

Anyway, there are some outstanding communicator-speakers at the Corante conference including Shel Holtz, Andy Lark, Elizabeth Albrycht, Giovanni Rodriguez and Christopher Carfi plus social innovators like Craig Newmark and David Weinberger. See the complete speaker list.

I’ll be speaking on a panel, along with Shel, and we’ll also be podcasting for Corante.

This will be some event:

[…] The 2006 Innovative Marketing Conference will tackle head-on the question of the future of marketing – drawing on the best practices from the past, and the real promise of the future. The conference will comprise a CMO Summit, and a larger Marketers Forum. Both days will assess the painful challenges and exciting new possibilities facing marketing today. Participants will gain practical tools, real world case studies, and the chance to network and share best practices with peers in a non-competitive environment.

How can we build the foundation for a new marketing that will deliver value in a new marketplace? We hope you will join the conversation.

So, in New York from Wednesday to Saturday. And another live recording of For Immediate Release which Shel and I will be doing on Thursday from the Corante event. Then we have the joint FIR/ATS Geek Dinner on Thursday evening with Joseph Jaffe. That should be fun and I’m really looking forward to it. Maybe even with a surprise extra guest. A definitely not-invited guest but it could be interesting if the real person actually shows up. Am I being a bit cryptic here? Well, yes!

As my flight back to Amsterdam isn’t until Saturday, I’m in NYC on Friday night. Anyone fancy a little get-together? Or a recommendation for a nice, simple diner to eat out?

Either way, if you’ll be at the Corante conference, I hope to meet you there.

Neville Hobson

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  1. C.C. Chapman

    So close, yet SO far away! Wish I could hoook up with you guys for the dinner, but I will be further down the East Coast this weekend.

    Have a safe trip and our paths will cross again soon I know.

  2. neville

    CC, it would have been terrific if you could have joined us. I’d love to continue some conversations with you from Cologne in particular. Also imagine – you, Joseph, Shel and I: what a mashup we could have done!

    Bryan, looking forward to meeting you tomorrow!

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