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One thing I’ve noted in particular about being here in Vancouver is the hospitality of Canadians and, specifically, those from this attractive city (known as Vancouverans? Vancouverites?)

It’s my first visit to Vancouver and, although I’ve had little opportunity to see anything outside of the IABC conference venues, it looks to me to be a place I’d very much like to get to know. So I sense a return visit at some point.

In the IABC context, I feel pretty honoured to be allowed to wear the badge you see pictured here on my strap hanger, what I call the little name tag everyone has that’s typically adorned with additional badges indicating a member’s affiliations or achievements. I actually saw one yesterday that looked at though it has at least 20 additional badges judging from the fact that it almost reached the shoes of the wearer.

Anyway, I was given this badge this morning by Elise Roaf, ABC, MC. And I’ve subsequently learned that it’s a pretty special badge that you’re unlikely to get hold of easily if you’re not involved with the IABC BC Chapter.

So thanks, Elise. I’m wearing it with pride!

This is just the second time I’ve participated in an IABC international conference. It’s a terrific event. For me, meeting so many great people has been the real highlight of my visit to this great city. More on that in another post.

Yesterday, I led a session entitled Organizational Communication 2.0: The Age of Social Communication. I had no idea how many conference attenders would join my fellow sessioners Shel Holtz, ABC, and Allan Jenkins. Perhaps 20, I thought, particularly as the weather wasn’t conducive to being out and about.

We actually had about 110, another indicator of how communicators really do want to find out about social media and how to figure it in to their communication planning.

This session might have been the most un-conference-like session. I did away with the podium and the usual speakers-talking-at-the-audience approach and instead had Shel, Allan and I sitting among the audience. A little unwieldy, I admit, with so many in the room. Still, I think it made for a far more engaging event for everyone. I did use a PowerPoint presentation as a scene-setter.

But the bulk of our time was spent in conversation and discussion and using the web as our sources of reference for all we discussed. If you’d like to have a copy of that PowerPoint, you can download it here.

Rather than comment in any detail about the session, let me direct you to Joseph Thornley, a fellow communicator and blogger who was in the session live blogging it. Some great commentary.

And a big thanks to John Grant who did a terrific job as session moderator.

(Cross-posted from In Session, the IABC conference blog.)

Neville Hobson

Social Strategist, Communicator, Writer, and Podcaster with a curiosity for tech and how people use it. Believer in an Internet for everyone. Early adopter (and leaver) and experimenter with social media. Occasional test pilot of shiny new objects. Avid tea drinker.

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  2. Joseph Thornley

    It was a great session. Above all, I was impressed at how you met the needs of an audience that spanned curious novices through grizzled blogging veterans. At all times, you showed respect for the audience. Never talked down to them. And left them wanting more. I sense an encore next year at New Orleans.

  3. Peter Rees

    Being a Vancouverite – it took a friend coming from Philadelphia, for the IABC conference to learn what’s happening.

    Go figure!

    So I’m experiencing the conference by proxy – with the bonus to stumbling on your contribution. Thanks for linking up the ppt.

  4. neville

    Thanks, Joseph. Your live blogging commentary is really good. And not just for this session – you’ve captured some terrific insight into subsequent sessions.

    And thanks, Peter. Now I know it’s ‘Vancouverites’.

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