Feeding the thirst for knowledge about social media

Tuesday and Wednesday in Cologne, Thursday in London… quite an intense travel week.

So now back at base in Amsterdam to get my head down in resuming some pressing client work before the next expedition wave to Barcelona next week and Vancouver and New York during the first week of June.

Participating in Podcastday 2006 in Cologne earlier this week was a tremendous experience. As was meeting up with some of the core German podcasting community, plus US podcaster CC Chapman and videocasting pioneer Gabe McIntyre. Also FIR listeners Sebastian Keil and Alex Wunschel. More on Podcastday later; some brief commentary about it in FIR #140 yesterday. Quite a few posts out there already, mostly in German. And check out the Flickr photos – over 330 so far. I’ll be uploading mine soon.

As with all the sessions, the panel I was part of (“corporate communication: new ways with podcasts and blogs”) was recorded. I also recorded it on my little iRiver IFP-790. I’m planning to post part of that recording (fellow panelists Sven Dörrenbächer of DaimlerChrysler and Philippe Borremans of IBM respectively talking about the Mercedes-Benz podcasts and IBM’s blogging and podcasting activities) as an FIR Speakers & Speeches podcast, just as soon as I can get a minute to do it.

I was in London yesterday to participate in a panel discussion on social media and measurement/evaluation for the Association of Media Evaluation Companies (AMEC). A very interesting session with some 70 people from the major UK measurement companies, all with the same thirst for knowledge and understanding of social media as I’ve seen from the PR community.

Everyone wants to figure out this social media thing and awareness-raising sessions like these in Cologne and London most definitely go a long way to helping them do that.

I recorded the whole meeting for AMEC and I hope they’ll allow me to make that recording available as an FIR Speakers & Speeches podcast. News on that later.

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