Google: The Buddha of the internet age

A nice soundbite from an observer of the Google Zeitgeist Europe conference taking place in the UK today:

[…] One analyst, who declined to be named, said: “Google likes to see itself as the Buddha of the internet age who helps consumers on their path to enlightenment by allowing them to hunt down information on the web. This conference is designed to underline that impression.”

Media reports say Google wants the event to become almost a “mini Davos“, bringing together some of the most important “thought leaders” in the internet and communications arena. It’s seen by analysts as a continuation of Google’s strategy to underline its credentials as the leader of the internet revolution.

The Telegraph quotes Nikesh Arora, vice president of Google’s operations in Europe, saying that British and European businesses needed to focus more on building their online operations to meet consumer demand:

Speaking on the eve of Google’s “Zeitgeist Europe” conference in Hertfordshire, which will be attended by 250 top European executives, he said: “The internet will change the shape of commerce, advertising, newspapers, entertainment. . . of most industries it touches. Europe has not embraced the internet as a commerce platform as much as the US.”

The conference kicks off today with an address by an unnamed 12-year-old girl who will give her vision for the world for the next few decades.

Will we see any blogging from the conference? Well, it looks like one blogger will be there.

Neville Hobson

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