Building the business case for podcasting

Eric Schwartzman has posted an excellent commentary of his address at the Syndicate conference in New York on how to build the business case for podcasting.

It’s a topic I’m increasingly being asked about, too, in conversations and discussions with organizations in Europe. At the moment, I’m seeing far more active interest in podcasting than in other social media such as blogging.

Eric’s credible post includes six of the primary business benefits of podcasting. But this is the best part:

[…] If you’re an advertiser, why focus the majority of your marketing dollars on buying time in an outlet that reaches 600,000 with the objective of winning 6000 customers, if you can leverage search and media on-demand to reach that 6000 directly through a syndicated channel like podcasts? Why try to reach 2% of the audience, when you can reach 100% without interrupting 98% who couldn’t care less? And the same is true of PR. Why focus all your energy on winning editorial coverage, when you reach your audience directly via podcast?

You can change the words ‘advertiser’ and ‘PR’ to make this argument valid for almost any audience. A pretty good focus.

Neville Hobson

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  1. David Phillips

    I think the FIR survey offers the answer and I would offer another good reason. I am attending a conference in Estonia. It is important for people to meet which makes conferences valuable but for the rest of the year a regular podcast with contributions for leaders in their field has the same, or greater, reach and can offer simiar insights but on a regular basis. Here there is the opportunity for Public Relations and Advertising contributions to be associated with leaders in the field on a regular basis.

    A double advantage for those who wish to get involved.

  2. BizPodcasting

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    I’ve always been of the opinion that podcast advertising is more targetted than main stream media (MSM). The number of listeners of a given show is typically smaller in the podcast world than the radio world, certainly, but they tend……

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