In Strasbourg this week

An especially busy week coming up which means little time for blogging. I’ll be in Strasbourg, France, for most of the week on client business.

Unless you’re an EU politician, it’s not the best time to be in Strasbourg as the European Parliament is in session there this week. That means hotel rooms in the city are hard to come by, which explains why I’ll be in one some 30 kilometers outside Strasbourg. A very elegant one, mind you. And at least I’ll enjoy some countryside views on the cab ride into the city each day.

Responding to comments here may not be very timely this week as will replying to emails (well, that’s always a bit slow…). And I hope to be able to do some posting at some point.

Shel and I usually do the first weekly edition of the twice-weekly FIR podcast on a Monday. For the first time since we started the show in January last year, both of us are on the road at the same time (he’s on the way to Washington). So we recorded today’s show last night.

Must dash to catch my flight. See you later.

Neville Hobson

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