Biz-Tech-News: Headlines 11-May-06

Heading off to catch a flight to London where I’m participating in the Delivering The New PR conference tomorrow.

This is a hot event with more than 150 communicators participating, from around the UK and from continental Europe. I’m looking forward to being with Philip Young, Tom Murphy, Stuart Bruce and Elizabeth Albrycht. A great team!

I’ve just sent Shel a recorded contribution for today’s edition of the FIR podcast as I won’t be live with Shel. But we have a guest co-presenter instead today – Aussie blogger and FIR correspondent Lee Hopkins. Have fun, Lee!

So little further blogging until the weekend.

Meanwhile, some other hot news items:

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Neville Hobson

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  1. Lawrence Jones

    Excellent conference and very well received. My colleague Jonathan Bowers communications manager at ukfast and I were present at the Manchester event held at Old Trafford. We were so impressed with the speakers and the way the event was organised we decided to support the event in Regents Park.

    It is nice to see that it is evolving too and the content has changed in the short time since Manchester. The event too inspired us to take the pod cast and blogging plunge. Since the Manchester event we have built a pod casting studio and started our own blog. All we have to do now is follow the advice from the speakers and become more actively involved with other communities on the net.

    It is nice to see that the oldest form of communication still works when promoting the cutting edge stuff. A good old fashioned event hooked by a bit of direct marketing lead me to Neville and his team and it has been very worthwhile.

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