The meaning of corporate governance

The Summit for The Future on Risk conference starts today in Amsterdam and runs until Friday. I’ll be there this afternoon and Thursday morning, participating in the corporate governance knowledge stream.

Should be a stimulating session with plenty to talk about as this general description illustrates:

Good governance continues to gain prominence in public debate but it is not clear how this can be provided on a global scale or what institutions are necessary for it to emerge. Global companies balance risks that are economical & political, research-based, market-oriented, organizational and technical. What does this mean for the board of directors – in terms of board composition, the duties of its members, their level of commitment and remuneration? And in terms of capacity for ongoing self-transformation? What does this mean for the sustainable creation of value – for the company, its stakeholders, clients and society at large?

A post likely post event.

Neville Hobson

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