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Over half of the business executives in The Netherlands and Germany find blogging a mystery; and, although French executives are ‘au fait,’ few of them are bloggers.

These are among the findings from the latest UPS Europe Business Monitor survey of 1,500 business leaders from Europe’s top 15,000 companies by revenue, carried out by UPS between September and November 2005. Countries in the survey were Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and the UK. The results were published at the end of February.

The survey reports wide-ranging findings on the business climate across Europe and economic and employment forecasts for European companies, as well as global economic and political concerns.

It includes some very interesting results related to how European business leaders find and consume news and information, and their awareness levels and usage of social media like blogs.

I’ve been thinking about blog spam today.

Not your typical weekend thrill subject but it was on my mind as I cleared out 218 spam comments and 1,696 spam trackbacks from my experimental Movable Type blog, all sitting in the comment/trackback moderation queue so none had made it to the live blog. I’ve let that blog sit quietly, with no posts or any activity, during the past couple of months.

Coupled with a steep increase in the amount of comment and trackback spam that I’ve seen hit this blog during the past couple of weeks – and be stopped in its tracks by Akismet – it looks like the spammers are certainly more active these days.

This is borne out by this post on the Akismet blog earlier this week:

I have no idea why the sudden uptake, but spammers seem to be on a ball this week. Yesterday they broke a new record, with 239 thousand spams being caught by Akismet. That’s more than we used to get in an entire month.

I’m impressed with Akismet. I have it activated on this blog. It comes standard with the latest WordPress versions (see these FAQ for details on how it works). Since this blog went live towards the end of February, there have been 611 comments and trackbacks in total of which Akismet trapped 249 of them as spam, or roughly 41 percent:

Only 3 comments and trackbacks out of that total trapped by Akismet were not spam. Not a bad false-positive/negative success record. (By the way, the image above shows everything as comments as WordPress lumps comments and trackbacks together under the general label of ‘comments.’)

41 percent is actually well below the average, according to Akismet’s Live Spam Zeitgeist, where it says that 83 percent of all comments and trackbacks in blogs are spam.