Content summary: About the FIR/ATS Mashup Edition; FIR listener survey update; new FIR Speakers & Speeches podcast online; does Phillips have a PR crisis over a patent application?; Castrol’s venture into RSS advertising and podcasting; a special report on new media in The Economist this week; revisiting the Chevy Tahoe story; listeners’ comments discussion (MySpaces, agency billing, interviewing teenagers, inhospitable Starwood blog); Winners & Losers; the music.

Welcome to the FIR/ATS Mashup Edition

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This is a joint FIR: The Hobson & Holtz Report and Across the Sound 94-minute podcast recorded live on April 24, 2006, with Neville Hobson (Amsterdam, The Netherlands), Shel Holtz (Concord, California, USA) and Joseph Jaffe (Westport, Connecticut, USA).

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One of the side effects of blog comment spam is when you get such a torrent of stuff all pitching the same thing, you can end up getting an education. The majority of comment spam I’ve been getting in this blog […]

Picture the scene.

You’re running a workshop or seminar, or participating in one. It’s great, you’re with a really stimulating group of people. Lots of discussion. One of the tools you use to express your ideas and get your points across is the good ol’ flipchart or whiteboard,
those mainstays of office meeting rooms, conferences and other events.

Your event ends. And what about all those great ideas written on the whiteboard or paper flipcharts with marker pens? Someone might try and transcribe them later (nightmare!) or you might tear off the flipchart sheets and take them with you and think about scanning them or something. Usually, though, they’ll sit in a corner somewhere until they’re consigned to the rubbish bin. Knowledge and ideas forgotten about.

Not necessarily.