Converting Skype voicemail to MP3

I discovered a neat trick with Skype voicemail – how to convert a phone message from Skype’s proprietary audio format into an MP3 file which you can then use in other applications or share it with others.

Skype does not offer a way that you can export a voicemail message to a universal file format such as MP3 or WAV. From the Skype Knowledgebase:

Can I export my messages to .mp3 or .wav files?
Not at this time, but it is something we are looking into.

But there is a way as I discovered. To do it, you’ll need the Pro version of Hot Recorder for VoIP ($14.95), an app that lets you record both ends of a Skype phone call (and also works with some other messaging/VoIP applications).

You can probably guess how it works:

  1. Have Skype and Hot Recorder running
  2. Get the voicemail you want to convert ready to play in your Skype app
  3. In Hot Recorder, click the ‘record’ button. Wait a second or two to ensure it’s started recording (the number counter will start advancing)
  4. In Skype, click the ‘play’ button for your voicemail message
  5. When the voicemail message has finished playing, click the ‘stop’ button in Hot Recorder. Fill in the details for file name, conversation with who, etc, as appropriate

Now here’s why you need the Pro version of Hot Recorder:

  1. Launch the Audio Converter application – you only get this with the Pro version – and search for the file you want to convert (the file you’ve just recorded from the Skype voicemail)
  2. Choose file type (in addition to MP3, you can also convert to WAV and Ogg Vorbis)
  3. Wait for the dialog to say the conversion was successful and you then have your voicemail as an audio file in the format you chose

It’s all even easier if you use Hot Recorder Pro as the answering system for Skype as it will directly record your voicemails. I don’t, hence this workaround.

Either way, Skype + Hot Recorder Pro make a neat combination!