Stock blogs network launched by AOL/Weblogs

AOL/Weblogs has launched a set of eight blogs that will include commentary and opinion about the stock of eight listed US companies – Apple, eBay, General Electric, Google, Microsoft, Time-Warner, Wal-Mart, and Yahoo.

If you want to read about all the eight companies in one place, the aggregated blog BloggingStocks is the place to go.

Why these companies? Here’s why, from Weblogs’ Jason Calacanis:

[…] Today we launch the top eight most widely held stocks by AOL members (i.e. what they have in their portfolios), and we plan on launch a couple more in the coming months.

Each blog has a code of conduct that should provide some reassurance to investors as they make up their minds as to the credibility of each blog and the bloggers. The code makes a clear statement on compliance with SEC requirements on insider trading.

If you’re an investor in internet stocks, or just follow the tech market, these blogs could make a useful addition to your research portfolio.