Nokia N93 for spontaneous video blogging

I’m still extremely pleased with my Nokia N70 cameraphone. It does everything I want in a mobile phone including take superb photos for easy moblogging with Lifeblog. And it works wherever I am, in whichever country in Europe and North America.

In fact, I probably use the phone more for photography and sharing pics than for making phone calls. What more could you ask?

Then I read Nokia’s salvo of press releases today announcing their next generation of wi-fi’d mobile phones that integrate photography and video-recording ever more tightly with mobile communication, and make it easier to share images. 

In particular, the Nokia N93 which looks to me like a perfect candidate for the type of spontaneous thing you do now with a ‘normal’ cameraphone (the N70, for instance) for photos – point, click, blog.

Now do the same with video:

[…] The Nokia N93 is packed with exceptional camera features that enable high-quality photos and DVD-like quality video. Unfold and twist the main display, and the Nokia N93 is ready to shoot video and photos using the color landscape display as a full screen viewfinder. Whether special events or just fun, impromptu everyday life, you can capture moments conveniently and impulsively and share them with others as they happen.

Details in the N93 data sheet (PDF).

All the phones Nokia announced today have support for uploading photos to Flickr. Surely can’t be long before support will be there to directly upload video to services like YouTube.

I wonder if Nokia is planning something similar to their blogger relations campaign for the N90.

Uh, guys? Hello!

[Update] Just saw Steve Rubel’s post about ComVu PocketCaster, a new service in the US that enables live video broadcasting from mobile phones. Only for phones running Windows Mobile (Nokias run the Symbian OS), but a clear signal of where this is all going. The N93 supports “video streaming with broadband speeds” according to the data sheet.

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