Are you curious?

Well, it got my attention, whatever it is.

Ninety minutes before finding out…

Neville Hobson

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  1. Simon Collister

    Drew B has recently posted about a guerilla PR campaign for Perspex City – but I didn’t think think it was that great.

    This viral effort (as I presume it is) looks slightly more interesting than the one used for PC….. My question is (in the interests of successful planning and not nosiness, honest guv) who/what was the referrer for this site, Neville? Was it being blogged about? Did you read about it in the press? Did you chance upon it?

  2. neville

    I can’t actually remember, Simon. I saw it on Sunday when rapidly scanning RSS feeds. Can’t find the one that mentioned it. One of the online MSM sites in the US, I think.

    I found another one just now as I was trying to backtrack through the Firefox history to see if I could locate the originator of this – another use of the “what’s everyone looking at” curiosity-tickler.

    This isn’t exactly viral in that it’s already an established programme. But cleverly done:

    Aimed at women. Well, on the face of it…

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