Everyone has the exclusive

At a press event for Saab’s new Aero X concept car:

A Norwegian paper drags the car away to [a gas station] and the reporter gets incredibly upset when we join him. He says he’s got exclusive rights to the idea. But at the gas station there is also a young girl, who takes a photo of the car with her cell phone. A few seconds later all her friends have an MMS-photo of the Aero X. That’s exclusivity in 2006.

(Via Hans Kullin)

Neville Hobson

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  1. David Tebbutt

    Poor journalist.

    If all he had was an idea for a photo-shoot then he would be upset.

    Couldn’t be much of a journalist though if he couldn’t also write a story around the car and interpret its potential value to his readership.

    The kid with the camera might have the snap and it might go online, but the interpretation is where the journalist ought to score.

  2. neville

    The interesting thing too, David, is if anyone who got the MMS from the camera girl then posted the pic to a blog or some other online place (Flickr or My Spaces, for example) with their interpretation of the car. And what might the subsequent connection of such posts be, I wonder.

    Saab’s PR agency has a nice monitoring job to do.

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