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Travelling to the UK today, ahead of co-presenting the second one-day workshop for Melcrum in London tomorrow on Enhancing your Intranet with New Technology: How to Make the Most of Social Media. The first one in this series was in Manchester last week.

That workshop was very interesting indeed. I’m expecting the one on Thursday to be equally so. A post likely on both next week.

Speaking of events, Blogging 4 Business took place in London yesterday. I was due to participate as a presenter but, early last week, I had to make the uncomfortable decision to withdraw (conflicting commitments, couldn’t be in two places at once: a real collision) and let co-organizer Matthew Yeomans know. From reading the conference blog and seeing the Flickr pics, it looks like it was a pretty good event.

Two great news items to leave you with:

  • Amazon in the US has started a podcast. Amazon Wire is a podcast about books, music, movies, and those who create them. The first edition has just come out. (Via Todd Cochrane.)
  • Three UK travel agents have started blogs and one of them is also podcasting. Via Niall Cook: “Lastminute, Thomson and Cheapflights are all making pre-emptive strikes in the battle against bloggers by establishing their own staff-written blogs and encouraging customer feedback.” Thomson is the one with the podcasts, with 10 travel guides (think of Virgin Atlantic’s guides).

Light blogging until the weekend.

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