Coca-Cola blog for worldwide employee survey

The Coca-Cola Company is using a blog as a communication channel through which the 55,000 employees of the global company can provide their views on Coca-Cola’s vision, mission and values.

A report yesterday in Dutch business magazine Brisk includes an interview with Orlando Ashford, head of HR at Coca-Cola’s US headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, who says that Coca-Cola can be one of the most respected companies in the world only when it’s clear to employees what the company stands for. Ashford said this is necessary if Coca-Cola wants to remain as the world’s best-known brand.

Brisk’s report says that Coca-Cola’s top 150 managers met last year and decided on the seven principles which describe Coca-Cola’s culture. These seven principles make up the company’s strategic Manifesto for Growth comprising Mission and Vision and Values.

Says Ashford:

Now we need to make these principles tangible. Take such a term as responsibility. What does it mean in practice? I would say: look not only to your own work, but consider how you can help Coca-Cola grow outside your own task description. Now it is up to the people of Coca-Cola to present their views.

The employee blog will be open for a week with one principle for discussion on each day – seven principles, seven days – and enables each employee anywhere in the world to participate.

Brisk’s report says that the method of this employee survey (a blog) is not unique, citing IBM’s experience early last year. Ashford says he wants to see Coca-Cola management everywhere in the world setting an example and participating in blogging: “Leaders first, who are a main point for everything.”