Time-changing should be automatic

The clocks changed overnight and we’re now officially in summertime. Where I am, in the Central European Time zone (CET), it’s now GMT +2.

In my home, I have a lot of clocks (about 12 at the last count including the VCR, the oven and the microwave). Except for two of them, that means manually changing the time. The two I mentioned are electronic with a radio connection to an atomic clock somewhere in Europe (in Germany, I think) and which automatically change the time at the right moment.

So it is with my computer running Windows XP. When I turned it on this morning, it had automatically changed the time. So everything I do on this PC that needs a date/time setting in it, from saving a file with the correct attributes to writing an email, autoamtically has the correct information.

Why can’t my blog platform, WordPress, do the same? When I logged into the admin for this blog, I had to remember to manually change the time:

If my computer can do it by itself, why not the blog platform? It must call the correct UTC time from somewhere. You would think that simple intelligence like this could be within the platform.

This is not a rant, by the way, just a muse…