Understanding wikis and best practice

Finding out about wikis isn’t terribly difficult – there are plenty of descriptions around to help you understand what they are, starting with this one on Wikipedia (itself a wiki).

But if you want to find out who’s doing what with wikis and learn about some best practice, especially in the communication profession, that’s not so easy. Now, though, there’s a great opportunity to find out thanks to Giovanni Rodriguez and the guys at eastwikkers:

Eastwikkers will be launching a series called “33 Wikis,” featuring best practices in wiki-based collaboration. Each day — for 33 days — we will focus on one wiki, and we will briefly describe what the wiki is for, why we like it, and [what] we can all learn from it. We have a long list to choose from — we have consulted with a number of wiki evangelists already — but if you would like to nominate a wiki, please let us know asap. The wiki can be public or private, and it can be based on any wiki platform, commercial or open source. We want to hear from all comers.

On day 34, we will repost all nominees on a wiki, so that we have ongoing meeting place to discuss all things wiki.

The first example has already been posted.

Neville Hobson

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