Truth in advertising?

This looked interesting (in a “hmm, reminds me of the million dollar home page idea” sort of way) – an advertising site that includes only blogs.

Then I read what BoingBoing’s Xeni Jardin had to say about it:

BoingBoing reader Darren Rowse just pointed us to a shady site called World Blog Center, which touts itself as “prestigious virtual real estate location in which blogs from a variety of industry sectors are housed.” I prefer to think of them as lying assholes, because they’re claiming that BoingBoing is a “tenant,” and exploiting the BoingBoing logo and name without our permission in their press releases, on their website, and — according to folks they’ve hit up for cash — in spam emailings soliciting paid membership.

That’s even more interesting. The site shows logos of some pretty well-known businesses and blogs like Business Week, Six Apart, Seeking Alpha, Search Engine Watch, iLounge, Techdirt, Slashdot. I wonder if those are listed in a similar way to BoingBoing?

If so, beware of this place. Actually, as BoingBoing mentions the word ‘spam,’ beware of it anyway.

[Edit] When writing this post, I couldn’t connect to Darren Rowse’s site. Now managed to – and you should read the comments to his post. Plus Darren’s update post. So the title of my post should probably now read something like ‘Beware: advertising scam.’

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