Neville Hobson

You are what you’re Googled

We talk about transparency a great deal, especially in relation to blogging, as in being open about who you are and what you do.

The flip side is too much transparency, illustrated by a thoughtful article in Business Week on the real risks about being too open about yourself where anyone can find anything about you on the internet:

[…] Today there are two of you. There’s the analog, warm-blooded version: the person who presses flesh at business conferences and interprets the corporate kabuki in meetings. Then there’s the online you, your digital doppelgänger; that’s the one that is growing larger and more impossible to control every day. Because anyone, anywhere, at any time can say anything about you on the Web, reputations are scarily open-source. And because entire companies dedicate themselves to recording every inch of information on the Web, it’s becoming difficult to unplug from the Google matrix, let alone make anything on the Internet go away.

Business Week | You Are What You Post

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