Web 2.0 certification

How up-to-the-mark is your site as far as Web 2.0 is concerned? Are you at the bleeding edge with Ajax, tagging, Google maps or community content? Silly or mis-spelled names and rounded corners?

Now you can find out via the Official Web 2.0 Certifyr. Just enter your site address, fill in a couple of fields and click to get your score.

I did that and came up with a score of 38%. Heh! As with the Web 2.0 or Star Wars Character quiz, where I scored a measly 22, it looks like I have a way to go. About as much as Adbrite, the firm behind the certifier, er, certifyr. But I proudly display my certification badge anyway:

Web 2.0 Certification

(Via Steve Rubel)